Fix Microsoft office 365 Renew Subscription

Renew Office 365 for home at Alabama

Renew at (This is the recommended method.)

Renewing online at is the easiest way to renew an Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal subscription. You don’t need to go to the store—you can renew either in person, or online.

By default, your subscription is set up for recurring billing, but if you prefer to renew manually, first complete the steps below and then turn recurring billing off for Microsoft office 365 Renew Subscription.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the subscription you want to renew and then choose one of the following:

Renew now to pay now for a full year of Office 365.

Renew with a monthly subscription for $X.XX per month to pay for a month at a time.


  • Your Renew Microsoft account can have only one active Office 365 subscription. If you order more than one subscription on and associate multiple subscriptions with the same Microsoft account, you’re extending the amount of time for that Microsoft account, not increasing the number of Office installs or amount of online storage you get. You can renew and extend the duration of an Office 365 subscription for a maximum of 5 years.
    • Want to switch to a different subscription when you renew? For example, do you want to switch from Office 365 Personal to Office 365 Home? Choose the subscription that you want to switch to.
  • Review your shopping cart and choose Checkout.
  • On the next page, sign in with the Microsoft account that you use with Office 365.
microsoft office 365 renew subscription
  • Review your order and then choose Renew subscription.

Tip: If the payment method you have on file has expired, or you want to change it, choose Change. You can add a new payment method or edit the one you’ve used before.

  • Choose Manage subscription to go to your Microsoft account, Services & subscriptions page.

When you place your order, your payment method is charged right away, and the expiration date is extended for either a month or a year, depending on what you chose.

After you’ve renewed, in the future, you will be set up for recurring billing and your payment method will be charged on the date noted, unless you cancel your subscription or turn off recurring billing before that date.

Renew using a product key that you bought in a store.

You can renew by going to a retail store (in-person or online) and buying a subscription to Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal. You’ll receive a 25-character product key, which you can use to renew at

Important: Your Microsoft account can have only one active Office 365 subscription. If you enter more than one product key at, you’re extending the amount of time for that Microsoft account, not increasing the number of Office installs or amount of online storage you get. You can renew and extend the duration of an Office subscription for a maximum of 5 years. For more information, see “Frequently asked questions” on

microsoft office 365 renew subscription
  1. If you have a physical box or card, look inside for your 25-character product key.

    If you didn’t get a physical box or card
    , check your email for a receipt that includes the product key.

The product key is a combination of letters and numbers in this format:


microsoft office 365 renew subscription

If you have a physical box or card, the product key might be concealed with silver foil, which you scratch off to reveal the product key.

  • Go to and, if prompted, sign in using the Microsoft account that’s associated with your Office 365 subscription.
  • Enter the 25-character product key. When you selecting your country or region, we recommend that you choose the country or region where you live or do your banking.
  • Follow the steps to complete the renewal process.

Your subscription is renewed and the new expiration date appears. Did you have any problems renewing? If you still facing any trouble, check for the latest error section below or contact Microsoft Support.

For any query Call @ +1-800-365-1879 Toll-Free.

How do I renew Microsoft office 365 personal?

Microsoft offers several types of subscriptions, the latest version called renew Microsoft office 365 personal. It is not cloud software. It is still installed on your PC or Mac. The file will be stored on your PC as well. Although you can also set it to save to the cloud, too. At any time, we can renew your office 365 business premium subscription or any other subscription. Microsoft says, and the apps will update to their latest versions and become functional again.

Looking for the procedure of renewing your office 365 subscription online? Don’t panic, your issues instant short out with our Microsoft support experts. We will explain to you how to renew Office 365 Home or Office 365 subscription and what you can do after you renew. It also provides detailed troubleshooting help.

Office 365 is a part of the Microsoft 365 software bundle, which comes with Windows 10. EMS (short for Enterprise Mobility + Security), a bundle that Microsoft’s vision is to manage. You have to secure an online productivity platform for customers Provides easy method.

On the off chance that you are searching for the strategy of re-establishing. Your office 365 membership on the web, don’t freeze. Your issues moment short out with our Microsoft bolster specialists. In this article, I will disclose to you how to reestablish Office 365 Home or Office 365 membership and what you can do after you restore. It likewise gives point by point investigating help.

Office 365 is a piece of the Microsoft 365 programming pack, which accompanies Windows 10 and EMS (short for Enterprise Mobility + Security), a group that Microsoft’s vision is to oversee and verify an online efficiency stage for clients Provides simple strategy.

The process to renew office 365 subscription:

When an individual or a business misses an Office 365 payment or cancels their services, The user applications and data do not immediately disappear. Instead, Renew Microsoft leads a customer through a three-step process that gradually reduces both employee and administrator access but leaves the door open for Renew Office 365 Subscription.

How do I renew Microsoft office 365 personal subscription? | Alaska

Follow below simple steps to renew your Microsoft office 365 subscription:- 

Step-1:-  If you are willing to renew your Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Personal or Office 365 Home. First of all, you need to open the link (  

renew microsoft office 365

Step-2:- After opening that link you need to select any of the available subscriptions. Ex:- Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Personal or Office 365 Home you’re willing to renew.  

renew microsoft office 365

Step-3:-  Double-check your selected Microsoft office Subscription, before checkout, After that click on the checkout tab.

renew microsoft office 365

Step-4:-  On the next page, Sign in with your Microsoft account.

renew microsoft office 365

Step-5:- Now choose to renew the subscription.

renew microsoft office 365

Step-6:-  You can also turn on automatic renewal.

Step-7:-  You Just need to Manage the selected subscription.

Step-8:-  Now go to

Step-9:-  Choose your preferred Service & Subscription.

renew microsoft office 365

Step-10:- Turn on Auto-renew.

renew microsoft office 365

Step-11:- After all of the above click on the Confirm tab.

If you’re using Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 and your subscription gets expired. Above I tell you how you can renew your office 365 subscription. If you are still facing any issue in renewing your subscription. We will renew your (Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Personal or Office 365 Home) subscription. After the subscription get renewed your office 365 apps will update to their latest versions and become functional again.

For any query Call 1-800-365-1879.

MSN Billing Update

Troubleshoot issues when paying for something from Microsoft Store – Renew My MSN

In case you’re experiencing difficulty purchasing something from Microsoft Store, here are a few stages to attempt to get things working once more.

Check your installment choice and record data :

MSN Billing Update – These are basic reasons that may cause issues when you attempt to purchase something from Microsoft Store. Check the accompanying first to check whether it settle your installment issue.

Is your installment choice data cutting-edge?

On the off chance that your installment is declined or you get a message that there is an issue with the subtleties for your installment choice, ensure that your installment alternative has the right record or Visa number, CVV number, name, charging address, and termination date on the Payment choices page.

Is your record on favorable terms?

The status of your Microsoft record can influence your capacity to make buys from Microsoft Store. You won’t probably make a buy if your record has:

  1. A funds to be paid for a Microsoft membership. Additionally, pay for a past-due Microsoft membership.
  2. A transitory suspension from your Microsoft account.
  3. A suspension or restriction from Xbox Live.
msn billing update

• Does your record locale and Microsoft Store area coordinate?

In the event that your record district and your Microsoft store area don’t coordinate, you’ll have an issue making a buy. You should have a substantial charging address and installment choice that matches your district. For more information about how to check and change your locale.

On the off chance that you’ve moved and need to refresh your locale information for Xbox, go to Moving? Carry Xbox Live with you and pursue the headings to change your district.

msn billing update

To Renew MSN Billing Call +1-800-365-1879 (toll-free) | Arizona.

Office 365 Student Subscription

Free Download 365 Student Subscription | Arkansas

Microsoft Student Subscription is a digital hub. It is very useful to make the student active in conversation and their work. It brings all the apps together in one place to improve the learning power and communication between students and teachers from a single application.

Features of Student Subscription

  • Save the time – It is full of powerful tools to save the precious time of a teacher and student and you can access with your favorite device.
  • Keep in one place – The best thing is that you can organize your class materials in OneNote as your digital note book
  • Full of Creativity – Student can show their creativity  and create interactive lessons
  • Individual support – Provides individual support within the classroom in a collaborative space
  • No Boundaries – Students and teachers not to worry about lost formatting and can share, create documents

Export School Mailbox 

Office 365 Student Subscription

  • Go to the “file” at the top of the corner
  • Open your “365 pro plus” school mailbox in outlook
  • Now “export” your email, contacts, calendar
  • Click the folder to export from it

Create Email Forwarding and deletion Rule Office 365 Student Subscription

Steps to Configure the rule

  • First check the message and apply the rule
  • Go to “to” box and forward it to <office 365 personal email address> and now delete
  • Open your “outlook”
  • And “select the “files”
  • Then “select” on “manage rules & alert
  • Go to “e-mail rules
  • And “select” on “new rules”
  • Go to step first and “click”  a template’
  • Now go to list of “start from a blank rule
  • Then “click” on “apply rule on messages I receive
  • Now “select” to “next”
  • Click on the “conditions”
  • Click on the “where my name is in to”
  • Then click “next”
  • Click on “action”
  • Click on “forward it to people or group and again delete it”
  • Go to step second “edit the rule description”
  • Select on the “people or public group”
  • And enter your “email address”
  • Select on “OK” and then select on “next”
  • Enter the name of the rule (forward all mail to personal account)
  • And “click” on “turn on this rule”
  • Select on “finish”
  • Click on “apply” and then click on “OK”

Office 365 Student Subscription Customer Support

Office 365 Student Subscription

 Call @ +1-800-365-1879 (toll-free) for more help and support.

Microsoft Support Phone Number

Microsoft Support Number in California

Microsoft Support Phone Number

Microsoft is very easy to access all digital devices. Comfortable with office online, outlook, Skype, one note, one drive with high quality privacy settings, active cloud back up.

How to Cancel Microsoft Gift Card

  • Sign in to your “Microsoft account”
  • Go to “gift card history” window
  • Click on the “gift card history”
  • And “sign in” again
  • Again “click” on “gift card history”
  • Now find your gift card to cancel
  • And ‘click” on “cancel”
  • Finally “confirm” for cancelling the order to get a refund

Spend Microsoft Gift Card Money

  • Select on “add one” if you don’t have another payment option(credit card, pay pal)                                                                                                                                                                                                       Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Continue with check out
  • Select on “change” then “click” on it
  • Complete checking out
  • Check your balance by using Microsoft account
  • Now pay with other option

Return items from Microsoft for Exchange or Refund

Follow these steps before returning the product

  • To track or cancel the order go to “Microsoft support” with products (windows 10, Xbox and office etc)
  • Read the terms and details very carefully
  • And then post your query in “Microsoft community”

Status of Return and refund from Microsoft Store

  • Sign in your account
  • And go to the “order history”
  • Now search your product to check status of refund and return
  • Check, if the money is issued, wait a few days to complete the process of refund

Check Microsoft Order History Online

  • To check the payment details, go to “order history”
  • Please click on “details”
  • To change the payment method “click” on “manage subscription”
  • If you don’t see the option go to order history page
  • Go to the “filters” and click on “show”

Microsoft Support               Microsoft Support Phone Number

Call Microsoft Support Phone Number @ +1-800-365-1879.

Microsoft Phone Number

Microsoft Number | Colorado

Microsoft Phone Number

Microsoft office is a very important Software to operate your system. It is an excellent office software and application contains word, excel, PowerPoint to share data, file, folders, audio, video chats and many more.

Sign in into your Microsoft Office

 Microsoft Phone Number

Use Web Browser

  • Open your “browser”
  • And “sign in” your “Microsoft account”
  • Enter your username and password

Use Office Desktop app

  • Open your app like (word, excel)
  • Then create a new or open an existing file
  • Click on the “files” then on “account”
  • Please sign in
  • And enter your email address and password

Switch Microsoft Account

From Browser

  • Click your “name” and “sign out” of the account you are using
  • Then “sign in” to the another account

Use Office Desktop app

  • Open the app such as word or excel
  • Click on “file” then “click” on “account”
  • Click on the “switch account”  Microsoft Phone Number

How to sign out to your Microsoft Account?

From Browser

  • Click on your name or photo
  • And “click” on “view account”
  • Then click on “sign out” the account

Use office Desktop app

  • Click on “files” in the app like ( word or excel)
  • Then “click” on “account”
  • Go to “user information”
  • And “click” on “sign out”

Manage Microsoft Account

If you want to install, deactivate, payment renewal or sharing

Use Web Browser

  • Type the “address” and “sign in” your account
  • Now type your username and password
  • Click on your name or photo
  • Then “click” on “view account”

Use Office desktop app

  • Open “word or excel”
  • Click on “file” then click on “account”
  • Go “under product information”
  • Click on “manage account”
  • Now your web browser will open automatically
  • Your “my account” window will open
  • Sign in your account
  • And “select” on your name or photo
  • Click on “my account” or select on “view account”

Microsoft Customer Support Microsoft Phone Number

Call Microsoft Phone Number @ +1-800-365-1879.

MSN Billing Customer Service

MSN Billing Service | Delaware 

MSN Billing Customer Service

MSN Explorer is the best communication and security software with unlimited surfing without no charges.  One of the most secure online software for making payments and billing. If you have an issue regarding MSN billing, you can follow these simple steps.

Error while updating Credit Card 

MSN Billing Customer Service

  • First, open the “browser”
  • And go to “my accounts”
  • Sign with your username and password
  • Check the common reasons for the errors like (commas, space, characters)
  • Retype your credit card number carefully without any space
  • Or your credit card is not activated
  • Verify your name, billing address, expiration date MSN Billing Customer Service
  • Check the expiry date of your credit card
  • Make sure your account balance is enough to cover the due balance to pay
  • Or add a different credit card

Change Credit Card Information 

MSN Billing Customer Service

  • Log into your “account”
  • Click on the “payment” at the top of page
  • Read and follow the instruction very carefully to update credit card, billing information etc

MSN Billing Customer Service

Add New Credit Card to MSN Account MSN Billing Customer Service

  • Open your favorite “browser” and go on “account page”
  • Sign in to your account with your email address and password
  • Go to the “payment” and click on “add a credit card or debit card”
  • Now fill the information very carefully
  • And “click” on “next”
  • Now go back to “my account page”
  • Go to “my products and subscriptions” and “click” on “manage my subscription”
  • Search for your “MSN account” from the list and “click” on “it”
  • Click on “change payments” and select the “payment method” and “click” on “next”
  • Want to remove old payment method just return to “my account page”
  • And “click” on “manage my payment”
  • Search from the list to remove and “click” on “remove”
  • Please confirm it by “clicking” on “yes”
  • And you will receive the confirmation message

Update Personal Information Online

  • Please open your “browser”
  • Go to go “my accounts page”
  • Enter your full email address and password to sign in your account
  • “Click” on your profile
  • Now “click” on “edit profile”
  • Now make the changes to the personal information
  • And “click” on “save”

MSN Customer Support 

24*7 hours full support for all the technical issues and errors provided by the technical engineers such as updating issue, downloading issue, MSN not working, billing or payment option not working, log in and log out issue and many more.

Call @ +1-800-365-1879 for MSN billing service.